It’s All Fun and Games!

Trivia Night! BarPG! Drafts and Draughts! We have events here and next door at Jolly Goblin Games almost every night of the week. So, really, you might as well return that Cindy Crawford sofa you bought from Rooms To Go, because your butt is gonna be at The Chromatic Dragon!!

Interested in hosting a party or booking a private room or an entire section of the restaurant for some other awesome event? Contact us to book it, but first check out our Party Platters and Buffet Options here or, if you want a high resolution version to print out, here. We need at least 24 hours notice to ensure we can have your platters ready for the party, so call us now!

Or maybe you just want to make a reservation for 6 or more at The Chromatic Dragon! We treat every large reservation as an event! So, call us or email to book your event or large reservation today!

Trivia Night

Wednesdays at 8PM

Want to show off your Star Wars wisdom? Pop song lyrics? How about Pokemon or Liam Neeson movies? Whatever your area of expertise, come to The Dragon every Wednesday at 8pm for Trivia Night with our owner, Clegg Ivey, as your host.

Win awesome prizes for each round! The top three teams win $30, $15, and $10 Chromatic Dragon gift cards! And be sure to compete in our 10-week tournament where you can win $600 in prizes, on top of all the other loot!!


Tuesdays at 7PM

It's adventure night at the Chromatic Dragon! Come play D&D, Pathfinder, Cypher System or another great game for an all-ages, all experience level tabletop roleplaying experience. Tables of up to six players will go on an epic quest amidst the delicious food and drink of the Dragon! Whether you've played all of your life or this will be the first time you pick up a twenty-sided die, we'd love to have you!

You don't have to RSVP on our FB page or by calling us to play, but it certainly helps. There will be an admission fee of $7.00, a paltry sum for the grand adventure and treasure that awaits all brave enough to enter.

Saturday Night Modern

Saturdays at 7PM

Dust off your Mirrodin cards and dig up those Lorwyn bombs you've been hoarding! Come play Modern with us! Each Saturday Night Modern session is a Modern constructed tournament.

Entry Fee is $5 and we use a 4-round swiss format. Win $3 of store credit or 1 pack of your choice per win!

Other Events

The Annual Walking Dead Season Premiere

Dark Side vs. Light Side (New Year's Eve Party)

STEAM Camp (Summer Camp for Kids)

Cosplay Contests

May the Fourth (Star Wars!)

Mario Gras (Mardi Gras)